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List of Vampires Edit

Name Disciplines Capacity Group Bold Notes
Al-Muntaquim, the Avenger IconDisObfIconDisPreIconDisFor2IconDisPot2IconDisTem2 8 4 Independent.
Ibn Khaldun, Scholar IconDisForIconDisPot2IconDisPre2IconDisTem2 7 4 Independent.
Krassimir IconDisDomIconDisNecIconDisPreIconDisPot2IconDisTem2 7 2 Independent.
Nehemiah IconDisObtIconDisPot2IconDisPre2IconDisSer2IconDisTem2 9 4 Independent.
Nu, the Pillar IconDisAniIconDisAusIconDisProIconDisPot2IconDisPre2IconDisTem2 9 2 Independent.
Synesios IconDisObfIconDisSerIconDisPot2IconDisPre2IconDisTem2 8 2 Independent.

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