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List of Vampires Edit

Name Clan Disciplines Capacity Group
Nkule Galadima Akunanse. Laibon. IconDisAniIconDisAusIconDisPreIconDisAbo2IconDisFor2 8 4
Uchenna Akunanse. Laibon. IconDisAbo2IconDisAni2IconDisFor2 7 4
Umdava Akunanse. Laibon. IconDisVicIconDisAbo2IconDisAni2IconDisFor2IconDisPre2 9 4
Eze, the Demon Prince Guruhi. Laibon. IconDisAusIconDisAni2IconDisNec2IconDisPot2IconDisPre2IconDisTha2 11 3
Ngozi Ekwensu Guruhi. Laibon. IconDisCelIconDisAni2IconDisPot2IconDisPre2IconDisVic2 9 5
Sobayifa Guruhi. Laibon. IconDisAusIconDisPotIconDisProIconDisSpiIconDisAni2IconDisPre2 8 3
Ugadja Guruhi. Laibon. IconDisDomIconDisForIconDisAbo2IconDisAni2IconDisPot2IconDisPre2 10 4

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